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 recently had a talk with Romeo at the Capulet masque with Benvolio on what might be bothering his tender mind. He was still heartbroken because of his unanswered love for Rosaline who was at the Capulet masque as well. Romeo had dreamt of a horrible consquence to occur at this masque, but I dreamt that dreamers often lie. He believes that dreamers do dream things true, as i see Queen Mab hath been with him, for she is the fairies' great queen bringing dreams and vain fantasies to thee. Portraying events from their minds to the real world, through lover's brains, having them dream of love, or a courtier smelling out a suit as another dreams he a benefice. Then perhaps Mab passes by a soldier and then dreams he of ambuscados and cutting foreign throats as thy soldier awakens frighted before thou rests thy head. My dreams are dreams that lie.
Escalus aka Kelly
5/18/2010 19:46:18

Such dreams are the true nature of the human mind. The intricacies will never be understood by our woefully incompetent consciousnesses and thus must be explored in our sub-consciousnesses.

5/18/2010 20:04:02

Oh how depressing your dreams must be. If all you dream of are lies, then what if you dream that you will get married? Oh that would be very depressing indeed. However, I have to admit that Romeo's dream was a fake. He met me, and it was the happiest day of both our lives. Oh how can this be horrible?!?1


Tut, gentle Mercutio, do not scorn at dreams, for oft they prove a rare look into the future. What thou may be blind to when awake wilt come to thee in thy dreams. Pray tell, gentle coz, what supposed lies dost thou dream of?

5/18/2010 22:14:25

Ahh, I very much agree with you on the subject of dreams. Dreams are merely lies and should not be looked as true in the real world. We should not spend our time wondering if our dreams can tell our future or not.

5/18/2010 22:50:02

Dear coz , Mercutio, your wise words have led me to capitulate my dreams. I do however fear of the abilitly of stars to alter of what is yet to come. But tonight, for the sake of your words, i take upon the efforts to yield my thoughts and enjoy the festivites offered at the masque.

Paris (Ricky Chan)
5/18/2010 23:25:08

What a clever idea Mercutio, but I do believe that some don't lie because dreams are what is in our minds when we allow it to travel and roam free. If they are all lies then you are calling us all liars.

5/19/2010 01:19:42

Gentle Mercutio, I agree with thou and how dreams are a lie. However, it feels wonderful to dream. In a dream anything in possible.

Romeo (Anissa Acosta)
5/19/2010 21:51:04

Mercutio, thee speaks wisely of dreams. Dreams only occur in thy sleep and cannot become real. Coz, dreams 'tis a place whence anything is possible.

Tybalt (TimK)
5/19/2010 22:34:14

Oh Mercutio, my.. coz. Are these unintelligent strikes of imagination this unsettling to you. Well, something tells me that you shall have plenty of time to explore your dreams soon enough...hehe.

Marisa (Juliet's Nurse)
5/19/2010 23:36:26

I don't agree with you. I feel that dreams are similar to memories or the future. One time I had this dream that I would have a child and although it isn't exactly on the point I have Juliet and she is as close as a daughter could be.

Julie Oh (Friar Laurence)
5/20/2010 01:04:59

Aww, Mercutio.
You do not give dreams enough credit. There has been numerous dreams that have turned out to be true in the end. You must be more optimistic, dear Mercutio! For as you grow older, there will be a time when dreams will be an escape, and the happy dreams that often turn out to be lies will be your only comfort. You see, dreams lie, yes, but they can still be enjoyable and sometimes, they DO tell the truth.

Alan (Romeo)
5/20/2010 02:17:56

It might be a lie or just a misconception. Romeo dreams of his imagination which might prove to be the truth later on but right now it might pass as a lie since its validity is poor and the likeliness is not very high.


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